A Guy The Family Feeds

Dear Pol, How have you been all this time? Where? Up in the attic? Hibernating? I thought I’d get in touch about a bitter-sweet song. It’s about all those embarrassing moments a guy can experience when the person he’s dating comes from a family of total snobs. You know, when Sunday lunch is just a […]

Feast of O’s

Hello again Pol, Glad to know that you’re fine and not wasting your time one bit! Thanks for those deep sounds. They certainly are hypnotic. I keep levitating. I’m only half awake most of the time, but this is another level! I got into a dreamy state and started imagining a song about being woken […]

Funereal, I

Dear Paul, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I heard about something terrible this week. I don’t really have the words to describe it. Just a few minutes of music which I typed into the machine. Will be back in touch soon. Pol. Dear Pol, So sorry to hear about […]

Happen Upon It

Dear Paul, My most heartfelt condolences. I know you weren’t really close to your Dad, but nobody can be indifferent to such a seismic event. Better times will come. Love will conquer all! If you want to meet up soon, drop me a line. All the best, Pol Dear Pol, Time heals. To refer back […]